(Post-Workout) Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie


So, summer has ended, and oddly enough I’ve been to the gym more times in these first couple weeks of September than I was during the entire months of July & August. Hey, summertime is for fun and exciting adventures, and I really didn’t have the time (or the urge) to go to the gym… 

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Vegetarian Chili with Avocado Salsa and Sour Cream

Hold the phone. Chelsea, what are you doing posting a vegetarian chili? Like, with no meat? Who are you? (Sorry about the third person talk. Chelsea doesn’t do it all the time, she promises.) *Don’t fret, fellow meat lovers! While this recipe uses Yves Veggie Ground Round, you could definitely swap it for classic ground beef or turkey! I really… 

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Rosemary Rock Salt Focaccia

Rosemary Rock Salt Focaccia with Zesty Olive Tapenade

All this talk of me not being a baker and my last couple posts have been nothing but- (cheater) chocolate lava cake, (ultra quick) peach pie, seasonal galette and now this. Dare I say, I’m… learning? Maybe baking and I will be friends after all… Fresh bread. Soft and warm, crispy with olive oil, bursts of… 

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Butternut Squash Galette with Goat Cheese, Caramelized Red Onions & Walnuts

Butternut Squash Galette with Caramelized Red Onions, Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Fall is here. Well, sort of. It’s not officially here, that won’t happen until the equinox on the 23rd, but unofficially… the weather is changing, the mornings are darker and crisper, clothing shops are stocking knit sweaters and everything under the sun in red-orange-yellow-and-brown (I think to think of it as seasonal camo)- heck, Starbucks… 

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DIY Magic Shell for Ice Cream

My mom loves to drive. I remember, when I was younger, bombing down the highway in her little blue Honda Civic, tunes cranked, wind blowing through hair, going who knows where. Sometimes we would drive around to look at houses we wished we owned, sometimes to look at Christmas lights, and sometimes we’d drive just… 

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